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How to Keep Your Phone Safe on the Tube

Maybe you’ve just moved to London or you’re visiting a friend or relative. Great! Time to get familiar with the London Underground. But wait – will your brand-spanking-new phone with ASDA Free Multi SIM be safe? Of course, you should never feel afraid to get your phone out and use it, or what would be the point of owning one? Over a million people use the tube every day, but if you’d like to be cautious, here’s how to keep your phone safe while you travel!

1. Zip it

You’d be surprised by how many people stand on a crowded underground train without any pockets with buttons or zips. For peace of mind alone, we’d recommend that when you pocket your phone, you do so in a pocket that fastens up. That way, if your phone’s not in your hand at least you’ll know where it is.

Another great tip is to have a designated ‘phone pocket’. That way, you’ll always know where to check your phone when your next tinder date sends you a message.

2. PIN it

Who doesn’t lock their phone with a PIN these days? Crazy people, that’s who. While adding a PIN to your phone will add 2 seconds of extra time between you getting your phone out and grabbing your next avocado on toast brunch with your besties, it’ll also make it harder for pick-pocketers to get access to your phone. Winning.

Of course, there’s also the added benefit of you then making fraping more of a challenge for your mates, too!

3. Move it

Nobody wants to be the day-dreamer holding everybody up by standing on the left on the escalator as you descend to the underground. Well, now you’ve got an added incentive to keep on moving, as one of pick-pocketers’ favourite techniques is the ‘bump and lift’. That’s where they “accidentally” bump into a static target and take something from your pocket on contact.

So, keep on moving!

You should never feel like you can’t get your phone out on the Tube. Phones are for using, right?! How would you survive down there without CityMapper or Spotify?! But if you’re a little apprehensive about flashing your phone, hopefully the above advice has given you some confidence.

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