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How to Increase Your Business Productivity by Being Mobile

Here at Asda Mobile HQ, we recognise that phones these days are much more than portable telephones! They let you play, communicate and work in brand new ways – with more being made available every day.

With the advent of cloud computing, and thanks to some savvy mobile-first programming, there are now more ways to work from your phone than ever before and businesses should be thanking their lucky stars. Here are some of the ways that being mobile will improve your productivity at work:

1. All synced from a single device

Your phone is the new remote control (literally, if you have a remote app like iTunes Remote): it can be the new hub for all of your communication. With apps like Slack, team members can chat and form sub-groups that are better organised and more efficient than email. If people outside your business use email, that’s totally fine, too! Your phone is your gateway to the world. Great work, phone!

2. Lists and events, managed effectively

Apps like are brilliant at helping you set out your to-do list for the working day. With a beautiful, simple layout you can keep clear goals and make sure you get them done. With one quick step you’ve got yourself an account and you can begin typing up your tasks. What’s even better, you can use your phone’s microphone to record audio notes on the go.

Your phone’s in-built calendar will also be your new diary, and smartly pick out phrases in your emails that look like events such as meetings, and then turn them into an event that you can invite others to.

3. Happier employees

Arbitrary business rules tend to demoralise a workforce. If you’re forced to work at your desk and commit to a 9-5 for a job you could be doing remotely, you might start to loose faith in the company you work for, and work less effectively. Phones now contain full productivity suites, from Office tools to CRMs, email and other comms apps like Slack, meaning you have everything you need right there at your fingertips. In other words, there’s no need to work at your office.

Ultimately, working to a more flexible timetable that suits you is going to produce better results. If that means working from the poolside, then so be it!

Being productive on your phone means using a serious amount of data. Check out our Mega Christmas Bundle here, where you can get 20GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for just £10.

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