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How to Get a New Job Just Using Your Phone

Hey hot shot, looking for your next big role? At Asda Mobile we know how difficult it can be to take the next step in your career, so we’ve put our heads together to bring you this list of resources that’ll help give you that competitive edge in the jobs marketplace, all from your phone. Enjoy!

Become master of the CV in minutes We all know that writing your CV can be the most soul-crushing task if you’ve not updated it for a while, or if even if your Sunday hangover is too overbearing to enable you to think straight. Stop right there, because apps like Resume are here to help. Resume comes with a bunch of different templates and style options, helping you build a stylish CV in a matter of minutes.

Be a LinkedIn ninja If you don’t already have the LinkedIn app installed on your phone, you’re missing a trick. But when it comes time to finding a new job, it’s even more essential, giving you access to the largest pool of recruiters and new opportunities online. A few tips: make sure your employment history is completely up to date, gather recommendations from current and previous employees and clients, and finally, make sure you’ve downloaded the LinkedIn Job Search app.

Never run out of business cards again If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you might be familiar with the situation of running out of business cards when you most desperately need them. Well, with an app like Haystack, you won’t ever experience it again. Haystack allows you to create a beautiful digital business card in 30 seconds. You can also digitise photos of any business cards you receive, helping you keep track of who’s who, as well as saving trees!

Own your job interview You should never walk into a job interview not feeling confident about the role and your ability to fulfil it. For some people, being questioned on the spot about your work – past or future – can be a daunting, nerve-wracking challenge, but with an app like Interview Prep Questions, you can practice hundreds of potential interview questions before you walk into a real interview situation.

So get ahead of the game with our job hunt advice and you might just land that next great role. App downloads sapping all your data? No worries, just check out our SIM-only bundles!

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