How to Book the Best Restaurants with Your Phone

It’s easier than ever to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. But rather than call somebody up and have a conversation about numbers and times, there are plenty of ways to use your phone to quickly find and book your next best dining experience. Here are a few of the Asda Mobile team’s recommendations:

OpenTable With more than 30,000 restaurants on its books worldwide, including 4,200 in Britain, OpenTable allows you to filter restaurants by cuisine if you really fancy something in particular. A recent innovation is the HotTables feature, which gives users a notification if there has been a coveted late cancellation, allowing you to swoop in and save the day!

thefork Booking a weekend away in Paris? Madrid? Brussels? Why not? You probably deserve it. If you’re reasonably tech savvy, you’ll have been using TripAdvisor to help you make plans for your holiday, and now, that extends to what restaurants you eat in, thanks to TripAdvisor’s acquisition of thefork, which allows users to directly book a table from within the TripAdvisor app.

Velocity Now then, are you one of those people who like to think they know what they’re talking about when it comes to food? Based in London? Meet your new best friend: Velocity! This app is a restaurant booking app with a difference, in that it allows the user to make curated lists of their favorites, a little like Spotify’s playlists feature, and share them with other users.

If you want to take the app really seriously, sign up to Velocity Black, and get your very own real, human account manager who will help you get access to that exclusive event, that fully booked restaurant or the hotel bar launch party you didn’t think you’d be able to make.

Reserve Looking for something special? Then download Reserve. This app pits itself as a digital concierge service for high-end, premium dining experiences. Select a preferred place and time, and allow Reserve to secure and confirm your booking. The catch? It’s not quite available in the UK yet.

The operation is expanding quickly throughout the US, and the owners claim that it will be coming to other territories – including London – soon. For now, keep an eye out.

If you’re looking to increase your data allowance but don’t want to be tied into a contract, check us out.

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