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How Much Data Do I Need?

Do you struggle to get your head around the difference between megabytes and gigabytes? Do you know how much data is used when you watch a funny cat video? We will explain in simple terms what you get for your mobiles data allowance which in turn will help you choose a data bundle best suited to your needs.

This guide is focused on data usage from the latest smartphones.

The Basics

Data is essentially the thing that allows you to access any internet app without being connected to a Wi-Fi connection. So, if you surf the web, are a social media user, send and receive emails or download apps we would advise you have a monthly data allowance.

Data Bundles

Data is sold in either megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Megabytes are the smaller of the two measurements and it takes 1024MB to make 1GB.

Asda Mobile data bundles start with as little as 500MB per month which is perfect for someone who doesn’t really use the internet away from Wi-Fi. However, our plans go up to a massive 6GB per 30 days, this is ideal for the avid internet user.

To check your balance you can *text or call 2732 at any time*. On this number, you can also add/increase your data allowance for the month if you find you are close to your limit. If you find you are over your data allowance you will be charged 5p per MB that you use.

How Much Data?

We are always trying to help our customers with saving money and this means that we don’t want you paying unnecessary costs for something you don’t use. We have found that most users use, on average, around 1GB data per month. This includes a mix of social media, surfing the web, playing games and answering emails.

However, some apps use more data than others. So, as a rough guide this is what 1GB of data can get you per month:

  • 5 hours of streaming live TV (SkyGo, ITV Player etc.)
  • 72 hours of internet browsing (BBC News, ASOS, Blog reading etc.)
  • 20 hours of YouTube streaming
  • Sending/receiving 30,000 emails.

What Kind of User Am I?

The amount of data used can vary from person to person. Some people may only use their phone for communication purposes such as Facebook, Twitter and messaging. Others may use their phone for business and pleasure including skype calls, emails, social media, games etc.

It is highly important to have an idea of the level of user you are. Which of these categories do you fit in to?

“The only apps I really use are social media, email and a web browser” – the light user

If this sounds like you, you look at the odd web page; check your emails through a provider like Gmail or Yahoo. You also check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reasonably often.

You do not play a lot of games or download any music using your smartphone data.

It is possible that you occasionally use your mobile for chatting online through WhatsApp or iMessage.

Average amount of data used: 500MB

“I need access to my emails and browsing the internet when I am bored on my commute” – the standard user

You require immediate access to your emails through an app.

Quite a lot of your time is spent browsing the internet and reading the news. You also download the odd app or game on a monthly basis.

In your free time you stream videos through a TV player.

Average amount of data used: 1GB

“My phone is used for both work and entertainment, I use it all the time” – the heavy user

Sending and receiving emails, often with attachments, is a daily occurrence. You watch videos online several times a week and you are most likely to download music and apps to your smartphone on a regular basis.

In addition to that, you rely on your mobile data for work as well as social use. You most likely use your mobile internet for several hours per day.

Average amount of data used: 2GB minimum.

The Perfect Bundle

Asda Mobile wants to make things as easy as possible for you, so, we have outlined our data bundles below.

Asda Mobile Bundles

If you are yet to own a Asda Mobile Sim card you can get more information on our bundles by visiting our data bundles page or alternatively if you are already a customer and would like to add a data bundle text 2732 with one of the following messages:

£5 for 500MB text DATA 5

£7.50 for 1GB text DATA 7.50

£12.50 for 2GB text DATA 12.50

£15 for 4GB text DATA 15

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