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How can your Phone improve your Exam Success

Students are using their phones more and more to aid their learning ahead of their exams. Some students even take things a little too far and use their phones (and other smart devices) to cheat, but we don’t encourage that! The Guardian has uncovered that there has been a 42% rise in cheating using gadgets since 2012. That said, how can you use your phone – within the rules – to help you pass your exams?

The Pomodoro method You can only work efficiently for so long before your brain hits a brick wall. With the Pomodoro method, you’ll work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. If you get distracted, make a note, and eventually you’ll train yourself to be more effective. There are plenty of apps to help you get started.

Online training platforms Regardless of your programme of study, there are plenty of brilliant, robust online platforms like Khan Academy and Lynda which have gamified learning to make learning addictive. Switch between your phone and your PC and keep all of your progress as you work through the modules.

Reddit If you’re a regular Reddit user, you’ll know how easy it is to spend hours losing time to the endless, relentless GIFs of Reddit, but have you ever used it to help with your education? There are whole sub-Reddits devoted to the study of physics, and others devoted to helping you with your grammar. Whatever you need, just ask Reddit.

Why You Need to Be on Asda Mobile If you want to be really effective with your phone come exam time, you’ll need to be able to use data without the fear of going over your limit. At Asda Mobile, we’ll provide you with a SIM that’s 100% contract-free, so if you need to increase your data to help with your revision, you can change your bundle. Even better, until the 27th June, we’re giving away 2GB of data free alongside our regular bundles (excluding data only and talk and text bundles) to celebrate the launch of our 4G network! So if you want reliable, fast internet to help you hack your way to exam success, get one of our bundles today.


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