How about a 30-day SIM this Father’s Day

Dads can often be difficult to read on Father’s Day. Sometimes, you’ll buy them something expensive and they’ll complain that you shouldn’t have whereas other times, you’ll buy them a beer down the local pub and they won’t know what to say! In our opinion, what it comes down to is buying them something that they’ll actually use, like their phone.

If your Dad isn’t a complete technophobe, here’s why one of our 30-day bundles might be a good suggestion for him this Father’s Day.

  1. Dads like technology It’s a fact. And when it’s something they can use and not be embarrassed about at work as well as down the pub, you’re onto a winner. Our 30-day bundles are both easy to purchase and great value. We have a variety of bundles to suit your mobile needs from our popular £10 bundle (1.5GB, 600 mins, unlimited texts) to our £20 bundle which comes packed with 6GB of data.

  2. Dads like hassle-free You know why dads won’t turn their noses up at a pair of socks for Christmas? Because they’re a practical gift that are completely hassle-free. Our 30-day bundles are the socks of the bundle world. All you need to do is work out your Dad’s perfect bundle and then order a SIM from, which will be delivered to his door a few days later.

  3. Dads like speed Is your Dad a speed freak? If so, one of our SIMs could be the perfect gift. If they’ve been struggling for internet speed on a 3G network, make this Father’s Day the time to introduce them to 4G without the need to upgrade their existing handset (phone compatibility is required) or tie them into a lengthy contract.

With our bundles, and until 27th June, we’re giving away 2GB of data free with all of our SIMs. All you need to do is purchase an Asda Mobile bundle, and the additional 2GB of data will be added automatically.


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