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How 4G Will Revolutionise Your Business

Most UK businesses with a digital/IT component will, to a certain extent, operate over a network. Whether that’s a company-wide server that hosts your information or a series of cloud-based services that enable greater productivity, the modern business is nothing without a fast internet connection.

ASDA Mobile is celebrating the launch of our 4G network with a deal by offering all of our new and existing customers 2GB of free data until 27th June. Check it out here. But to entice you, here are the main ways that 4G will revolutionise your business:

VoIP harder, better, faster… While it’s easy to get on a conference call in your office, you might want to communicate with people over a network. Doing so on 3G might seem unappealing as services like Skype require a strong internet connection. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem with 4G, where data moves at 5 times the speed.

Collaborate Being able to collaborate on projects is more important than ever before. With more services moving to the cloud, and the IoT predicted to expand to more than 50 billion devices worldwide by 2020, it’s vital that people in businesses can work together, share ideas and simultaneously edit documents – wherever they are. With a 4G connection, anybody can get online and work – given that their data cap is high enough to facilitate it.

Be the hotspot you want to be Finally, working on your laptop but can’t get a wifi signal? Don’t worry, with a 4G connection tether your phone to your machine and you’re ready to work.

Your phone will act as your own personal, private internet hotspot, and as long as your phone has signal, you’ll have a fast 4G connection to work with on your laptop! You don’t need to worry about security here, either, as your phone will enable you to set up a password on the network so that only you can login and start using it on your laptop. Safe, secure and speedy!


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