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Whether it’s watching them or filming them, people love videos – the fact that over 1 billion people use YouTube every month is proof of that! The amazing quality of inbuilt cameras and screens in smartphones today means that filming, watching and sharing videos is easier than ever. So we’ve pulled together our top video apps on Android to give you the edge in the online world of video.

Video Collage Maker

Great for sharing your holiday snaps with your friends in a video format. Video Collage Maker (selected as the Best App of 2014 by Google) allows you to create short video collages in grids of your favourite photos and plays them as a video. With inbuilt filters, a range of layouts, sound tracks and stickers, this is a comprehensive (and free!) app that will put your feet on the road to

photo/video creation. YouTube Kids

You might love YouTube, but need to be wary of what can be found by little ones when they get hold of your phone. Fortunately, YouTube have launched YouTube Kids, so you needn’t worry. An official app from Google, it’s free to download and has been designed specifically for a younger audience. It has big buttons, instant full-screen and easy scrolling in its list of features. Favourites such as Sesame Street, Dreamworks and Mother Goose Club are all included, but nothing classed as adult or risky in nature. You can even set a timer, locked behind a password, to reclaim your phone when their hour is done!


One of the newest up-and-coming social network apps available, Keek is the video equivalent of Instagram or Pinterest. Based around video capture and sharing, users create an account and can make videos to share, watch videos from others and share to other social networks. With unlimited free video uploads, subscriber options and even commenting functionality, this is a great app for all social video lovers.

TrueConf Video Call

Want to have a video call with more than one friend, either at home or at work? This app allows you to video chat with 2 other users for free, and up to a whopping 120 users on any one call if using the paid for service. It works on 3G and 4G as well as Wi-Fi, so you can use it anywhere. Though remember to keep an eye on your data if you’re not on Wi-Fi.

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