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Google Local Search Makes Shopping Easier

Have you come across Google Local Search yet? This is a search service that shows users when local stores are busiest. Ideal if you want to visit Asda when they aren't so busy!

At the moment, you will be able to view this data if you are using an Android device or Safari browser for iPhone. It is not something you will be able to opt out of as Google has enforced it as it is an important part of enhanced search.

Google have said in an FAQ release: “We believe this information is valuable for customers in deciding when and where to go."

The data is gathered from those users who have opted in for location sharing and Google collates it to provide the stats. However, it is completely anonymous, meaning you won't get caught out for being somewhere you shouldn't!

The data will not be shown for all businesses across the board, only for those that Google decides, typically the places that “users are commonly worried about how busy it typically gets." We would interpret this to include gyms, restaurants and coffee shops to start with.

Screenshot of Google Local Search on Android

Like with any search facility, you do need access to the internet either through Wi-Fi or through your data bundle for Google Local Search to work. Make sure you have the correct bundle for your usage by reviewing our data bundles on a regular basis.

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