Man taking a selfie in his bedroom on his iphone

Funny Friday: iPhone Selfie Prank

Do your friends and family have some cringe worthy photos of you on their phones that they hold against you? If yes, we have a little trick you can play on them to get them back. It is so easy to trick your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else with an iPhone into sending you an unexpected selfie via iMessage, and we thought we would share how to do it with you! Have fun with this one!

(Please note: this only works if the recipient is working on an iPhone with iOS 8 installed and is connected to the internet either through Wi-Fi or 4G)

Step 1.

Pick your recipient.

Blank iMessage on iPhone

Step 2.

Get the conversation flowing so they don’t think that it is a set up. Once the conversation is in full swing ask if they want to see a cool trick you have just been shown.

iMessage conversation on iPhone

Step 3.

Text them the following: “See the little camera button to the left of the type box? If you touch it and hold it, a little camera icon will appear and the screen will change to a front facing camera view. If you then swipe up to the camera button, you’ll see loads of filter options”

Silly Selfie text message to send on iPhone

Step 4.

Sit back, relax and wait for the unexpected selfie to arrive.

Silly Selfie on iPhone

Step 5.

Laugh out loud.

Woman Laughing out loud

Enjoy this iPhone trick, and make sure you share it with all of your iOS friends.

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