Five Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year from the team here at Asda Mobile! 2016 was a curious year to say the least, and 2017 presents a fresh new start, one filled with a whole new set of possibilities. We’re all about helping people achieve their goals so if you made a new year’s resolution this year, here are some great apps to help you keep to your plan.

Daily diary

Some people want to be able to look back and remember what they did with their time. Others want to be able to pass on memories to loved ones. Others simply enjoy the act of writing on a daily basis. Whatever the reason, writing a diary can help you take on a day at a time, and Momento is a fantastic app that will help you do just that. It directly pulls your daily activity from your social media profiles, and you can then add extra notes and photos, helping to build up a great picture of what you’ve done that day.

Learn French, Japanese, or… any language!

A popular new year’s resolution is to master a language, but how many people actually get a grip on their chosen second language? Not many. Apps like Memrise will help you get a handle on Hebrew in no time, and best of all, Memrise is completely free. With over 300,000 courses, it’ll be easy to find something that works. Just like the best fitness apps, Memrise also lets you go up against your friends. If you’re competitive, this is a great way to improve quickly.

Start writing… and don’t stop

How many times have you said you were going to write a book but never got round to it? Bear is the app for you. It’s essentially a note-taking app that allows you to organise your thoughts by connecting them through hashtags. But Bear isn’t just for notes. You can write full stories in Bear’s elegant yet powerful word processor; built specifically for phone and tablet use, you can write wherever and whenever you like, without your laptop.

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