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Do you know your text words?

Every now and then, a word pops up in conversation that you just don’t know and probably have to either look up or ask someone about, and thanks to social media and the texting generation, new words and abbreviations are always cropping up. If, like most of us, you sometimes find yourself stumped by text messages from friends and family members containing new lingo, check out our top ten of words and terms to help you “get down with the kids!”

10. NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

Chances are you might see this at the start of emails or Skype messages; this is basically telling you to open the attachment, message or link with caution, it’ll probably be rude or unsuitable for your boss’ eyes!

Example: “Check out this link, but beware, it’s NSFW!”

9. Thirsty

Thirsty is another way of saying that someone is desperate for attention, and can also most likely imply the opposite sex.

Example: “Josh is so thirsty, he just won’t leave me alone – my phone is always going off!”

8. RN (Right Now)

Possibly one of the laziest abbreviations out there, RN means right now, and is a commonly used term, especially when someone is running late…..!

Example: “OK, OK, I am leaving RN!”

7. LMK (Let Me Know)

LMK is quite a helpful abbreviation, asking for a bit of feedback from the recipient in a nice, shortened way.

Example: “I fancy going to see Pitch Perfect 2 when it’s out, you in? LMK”

6. TBT (Throwback Thursday)

TBT or Throwback Thursday has been around for a few years now, finding fame on Twitter before moving over to Facebook and Instagram, and other social platforms. The TBT line still has the original pull that it always has; even celebrities get involved with TBT. Typically a status, picture or video will be posted on TBT, but it could also be a shout out to other things, like old tech or other memories.

Example: “Woooo TBT! Check out this vintage picture of a typewriter, the original laptop!”

5. Deadout

Deadout is the newest way to state that something was boring, or even empty.

Example: “Can’t believe I went to that after party after the gig last night, it was deadout”

4. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Another popular abbreviation, ICYMI is used more and more these days, probably because it would take too long to type ‘in case you missed it’ in the first place!

Example: “Hey, I’ve just sent you the funny clip from yesterday, ICYMI”

3. Bae

A word that has grown massively over the past year, it seems that almost everyone has used it, apart from parents probably. Bae means ‘before anyone else’ and is commonly used to describe boyfriends, girlfriends, partners or any other significant others.

Example: “Can’t wait to see my bae later!”

2. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Fear of Missing Out is a real fear that missing out on an event, party or even a bit of gossip is going to mean something bad. Not being able to join in conversations with friends is never good.

Example: “I’m sooooo tired, but I think I will go to the party as I have a FOMO feeling…..”

1. Fleek

It seems that the most used new word is the new cool word, literally. Fleek is the new “cool” and people are saying it to describe things that are fresh or on point. Most people use it to describe hair and more specifically, eyebrows.

Example: “Wow, your eyebrows are sooo fleek!”

If you miss old school text lingo you can check out the article we wrote on Texting: Past to Present.

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