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Cost Effective Way to Use your Phone Abroad

With all the fantastic apps and features mobile phones offer nowadays, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to be without them, including when we’re on holiday! However, running our phones abroad can be expensive. So before you jet off on your next holiday, check out our simple steps below for the best ways to save money and not have your holiday ruined by an unexpected large bill when you come home.

Turn off data roaming

Turning off mobile data before travel If you’re planning on taking your phone with you abroad, the best way to avoid any nasty charges or running out of credit is to turn off data roaming before you leave the UK. These days, most phones are automatically programmed to search for the nearest mobile or internet connection, and although this isn’t too costly in your home country, it can certainly add up when abroad.

Use Wi-Fi Connections

Free WiFi Zone Nowadays, most hotels offer free Wi-Fi as standard. It might not always be available in your room, but more often than not, you’ll be able to connect in public areas like the reception area or the main bar. This level of internet is ideal for being able to have a Skype chat, upload some photos to social media or for sending an iMessage or WhatsApp message to friends and family bragging about the amazing time you are having, meaning your phone charges are kept at a minimum.

Download before go

Download TV & Apps before you tra

A holiday is the perfect time to tick off some great reads, see the sights, or just enjoy a bit of downtime catching up with your favourite TV series. To avoid any big charges we suggest you download any apps, eBooks or TV shows you might want before you go away.

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