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Choosing the Best Mobile Phone Tariff for University

Today, every man and his dog have a mobile phone. Whether you are a data demon or just want the security of a mobile phone, Asda Mobile are here to help you get the best tariff deal for starting university.

With the sheer amount of different tariffs and networks available now, it can become extremely confusing on getting the right one for your needs – it is no longer about getting a Nokia with interchangeable covers and snake anymore.

Do You Need a Contract?

In one simple answer NO! We know that you think that everyone is on an 18-24month contract these days but think about it this way: you are at university; you want to spend your money on other things like partying and studying. You do not want to have to worry about having enough money in your bank every month to cover your phone bill or panic that you can’t pay it and be let without a phone until you do find the money.

Now before you think “but I won’t get an all singing and dancing smartphone” think about the long term. You can choose to pay a hefty monthly tariff where you are also paying for a mobile phone or you can choose to buy something like the Microsoft Lumia with the latest software and access to the latest apps for £55 and have no monthly charges.

This offer has now expired.

Cheapest isn’t Always Best

Don’t be tempted to select the cheapest sim only bundle because you may end up spending more money on topping up. It is really important to think about:

  • How many calls you make a month
  • How many text messages you send
  • How much data you use on things like instant messaging (WhatsApp etc.), streaming video, browsing the internet and social networking.

Then you can make an informed decision on the best bundle for you and make sure you are covered for the amount of minutes, texts and data you will use.

If you are not sure how much data you use, check out our helpful guide: How Much Data Do I Need?

Using Your Tariff Abroad

If you are planning on going abroad with some of your student loan then you need to consider what the cost will be for your using your phone abroad.

Fortunately, if it is the EU you are traveling to there are laws to make charges less costly. Asda Mobile offers a fixed European tariff so you will know exactly what you will be charged before you leave the UK. You can find this information on our Roaming Rates page.

Apps Could Save You Money

This isn’t exactly about having the best tariff, but there are loads of apps available which will help you to save money on things like texts and data.

For example, find an app that shows you all of the Wi-Fi hotspots in the area – this will allow you to use any web based app or browser for free, saving your data allowance. Also, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, when used on Wi-Fi, save your data and text messaging allowances.

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