Taking a photograph on a smartphone

Best Photos Taken on a Smartphone

These days a phone is no longer just a phone. We use them as our personal assistant, to document our lives and to record precious memories. As there are so many different apps and filters available, you no longer need a separate fancy camera to capture professional looking photos all you need is your mobile phone.

Still not convinced all you need is a mobile phone? Sony World Photography held a competition for people to submit their best photographs captured with a mobile phone. They had over 10,000 entries in total. Below we share our favourite and most inspiring images in hope it will spur you on to be a little more creative.

FIRST PLACE – A Day at the Beach

Couple on Beach

Photograph: Turi Calafato. This photograph was snapped in Sicily while the photographer was working on a project called “A day on the beach”.

SECOND PLACE – Sunset at Nyugati Railway Station

Man standing on railway platform

Photograph: Janos M Schmidt. A man stands on a deserted platform right after the departure of the train carrying the Hungarian football fans to the Romania-Hungary match. The sunset can be seen breaking through the remnants of firecracker smoke set off by eager fans.

THIRD PLACE – Fighting

Boy wrestling with a goat

Photograph: Ako Salemi. An aerial shot of a young boy as he wrestles with a goat in Iran. The first ever Sony Mobile Awards also judged entries in a number of different categories including nature, panoramic, people and smile. There was also an under 19s category which saw 14 year old Stephanie Anjo from the UK claiming first prize with a magical image of her little cousin in her happiest state.

Little girl with arms raised in joy

We hope the above images have inspired you to take to the streets with your smartphone and capture that perfect moment.

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