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Best Free Internet Browsers for Smartphones

With the many wonderful features that modern smartphones offer, it has never been easier to surf and browse the web. Android and iOS devices come with the built in browsers Chrome and Safari, which certainly serve their purpose, however there are many other alternatives that have distinct features.

To save you time scrolling down pages and pages of alternative browsers we wanted to share our favourite free browsers with you, and tell you just why we think they’re great. So, if you are curious to see what other options there are, here is our top pick of browsers for your smartphone:

Safari (iOS)

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Safari is an Apple specific web browser, it has been designed based on the premise that the most useful browser is one that “gets out of your way and lets you simply enjoy the web”. Like desktop browsers, Safari also allows you to private browse, have more than one page open at a time and save webpages to your iPhone as an app.

Chrome (Android, iOS)

Chrome Logo

Chrome is a powerful browser that delivers the same satisfactory performance as the desktop version. There is a flawless transition between desktop and mobile browsing as users can make use of features such as Incognito mode for private browsing, voice search, tabs, history and bookmarks.

Firefox (Android, iOS)

Firefox Logo

Firefox is a great alternative for smartphone users with tabbed browsing, private browsing, predictive search bar, cross-device and desktop syncing, as well as add-ons such as password managers and ad-blockers.

Opera (Android)

Opera Logo

This browser is known for being reliable and responsive as well as its built-in data compression, which automatically compresses media such as images and videos to speed up browsing. In addition Android users can use Opera’s private browsing and cross-device syncing.

Flynx (Android)

Flynx Logo

Flynx is a pop-up style browser that pre-loads links in the background, whilst you continue operating your other apps so you don’t waste your time waiting for pages to load. There is a floating on-screen icon that you can then tap to bring the pages to the top of your display. Users can also utilise the ad-blockers and double tap links that save pages for offline viewing and easy link sharing. However, the app is more for opening in-app links, rather than being used solely as a browser app.

Dolphin (Android, iOS)

Dolphin Brower Logo

Dolphin browser has a variety of tools and add-ons such as Sonar, which is a voice-driven search tool, as well as gesture bookmarks that allow you to draw letters to jump straight to your favourite sites. This feature-packed browser is one of the great browser alternatives, and is certainly worth a try.

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