Benefits of pay as you go phone

Benefits of Pay As You Go

In the past, getting a mobile phone with a contract offered you the best deals. Whilst PAYG (pay as you go) customers were stuck with the inconvenience of topping up, no rewards and no added benefits. Being charged 12p per text for PAYG wasn’t much fun, especially if you were typing out War and Peace!

These days, it’s different

However, PAYG has always been popular. Parents are massive advocates of a phone you can keep tabs on. They often favour PAYG for their kids’ handsets. Safe in the knowledge that whilst it lets them stay in touch with their child, it also means their child isn’t able to rack up huge phone bills. So for parents, PAYG can offer a cost saving option too.

Another great benefit of having a PAYG handset is that you are not tied into an expensive mobile phone contract. Instead you’re free to top up how much and how often you want to. Plus, because you’re not paying monthly for the handset as you would with a contract phone, you can upgrade your handset whenever you like – making you the boss!

Don’t forget PAYG gives you unbeatable flexibility. Once you’ve got your SIM card that number is yours and you’re ready to go.

PAYG customers can buy bundles too. Instead of working your way through your credit, you can buy a bundle that offers an allowance of minutes, texts and data. These usually last for 30 days or a month, so great for flexibility if you need a higher or lower allowance next time.

Pay As You Go really does offer a clever cost effective solution for loads of different people. So it’s well worth checking it out a little more.

Children with their first mobile phone: PAYG is a brilliant option for children and teenagers who have their own mobile phone. It’s a great way to teach them about budgeting their money, helping to prepare them for the responsibilities of adult life.

Teenagers: Get all the perks of a contract package in an easy to manage PAYG SIM. Teenagers will love the ‘grown up’ freedom and flexibility they’re being offered.

Young adults: Whether they’re heading to university, travelling the world, or starting their first job, PAYG continues to offer young people the best value for money. Especially when there’s so much more they want to spend their money on! For lovers of social networking, PAYG bundles with inclusive data offer a great alternative to expensive contracts.

Adults: With busy lives and many responsibilities, committing to a lengthy mobile phone contract might not be top of your agenda. PAYG bundles give you the freedom to keep or change your allowance each month. You’re in control and you know you have the right amount of calls, texts and data for you. So if you’re feeling the pinch, you won’t be faced with having to pay off large phone bills with limited funds.

Older adults: Grandparents can feel reassured that with a PAYG SIM, children and grandchildren can easily send messages to stay in touch. It also means you only pay for what you need. No forking out for expensive contracts with plenty of texts, data and calls on PAYG or in a cheap and easy bundle.

Take a look at our tariffs and bundles and find out why PAYG could be the right option for you.

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