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Asda Mobile Digital Detox Challange

Think back to before you went to bed last night, what was the last thing you did before closing your eyes and drifting off to Neverland? Was it watching TV, hug your partner or check your smartphone? We would guess it was the latter of those. A study carried out by the Huffington Post discovered that the average person checks their phone 85 times a day, receives just over 100 emails and spends around three hours, actively, on the internet – so you can imagine why we would assume the last thing you do on an evening is check your phone.

We all know that spending too much time on your smartphone is not good for you that’s why we decided to set up an Asda Mobile Digital Detox Challenge with people whose whole life is contained on their smartphone, bloggers!

After reaching out to a handful of carefully selected bloggers we picked the top six that would benefit from taking part in a digital detox.

Meet the Bloggers

Bloggers Participating in Digital Detox From top left: Deb from Country Heart & Home - Cat from Rock & Roll Pussy Cat - Emily from Drained Beauty - Kate from Kate on Thin Ice - Petra from A Mum Reviews - Joyce from Only Joyce.

The Challenge

The bloggers are issued with a basic mobile phone that allows calls and texts along with a pay as you go Asda Mobile sim card. They have to manage without using their smartphone for any social activity including browsing the web and taking photos.

The aim of the challenge is to find out what the advantages and disadvantages are of going back to basics and using a mobile phone for its original purpose, to make and receive calls and texts. However, it is also for the bloggers to discover more about themselves and their habits.

We believe the challenge will help with the following:

  • Sleeping pattern/habits

  • Being more focused on daily tasks without the distraction of social media

  • Benefit the mind and body

  • Allow you to have a more productive, uninterrupted day

  • Broaden horizons through reading and taking in the surroundings.

Why don’t you join our bloggers in a mini challenge and see if you can manage without your smartphone for 24 hours. This way you will get a taster of what our challengers are going through!

Digital Detox Infographic

The legal bit

Asda Mobile Digital Detox challenge terms & conditions

  1. Challenge Period: 7 days starting from 25th April 2016.

  2. Entry requirements: A basic mobile phone along with an Asda Sim card. (A) Challenge your readers to also take part in this and write a post detailing their experience mentioning (and linking to) your blog and Asda Mobile. (B) If your readers take part in the “mini challenge” they must add a link to their diary post in the comments of your site.

  3. Data Protection: Any personal data relating to entrants will not be disclosed to a third party, this will be strictly used for the Asda Mobile digital detox challenge only.

  4. Winner selection: The winners will be required to respond within 14 days of notification confirming their acceptance of the award. In the event a winner does not respond to communications within 14 days of notification or if any award is declined or not redeemed, we reserve the right to disqualify that winner and present the award to a reserve winner.

  5. Winner notification: Winners will be notified via email.

  6. Prize: You have a chance to win £100 worth of Asda store gift card.

  7. The terms & conditions of the challenge which includes the information that we request you include in your blog post.

By accepting this challenge you are agreeing to these terms & conditions and you are releasing us, our directors, officers, employees and agents from, and indemnifying each of them against, any and all liability or any loss, damage or injury of any kind arising from or in connection with this challenge.

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