Asda Mobile Customers Rejoice: 4G Is Coming

At Asda Mobile, we’re proud to be able to announce that we are bringing our customers 4G, after making a new deal with EE. Until now, our brilliant customers – that’s you – have been using our punchy 3G network, but for the first time, we will be able to offer 4G speeds to everyone.

Head of Asda Mobile, Richard Phillips, said: “Asda is delighted to extend our partnership with EE as it allows us to provide faster speeds and easier top ups for our customers”.

“Combined with our award winning customer service and excellent value, Asda Mobile becomes an even more compelling proposition for our customers.”

He’s not wrong, so what do our customers have to look forward to when our new 4G network arrives - here’re five things!

  1. Big images upload fast: Currently, phone cameras produce amazing photos, but they’re also pretty massive. So, if you’re uploading a large number of big images to the internet from your phone, it can take ages!

  2. Multiplayer gaming: Let’s face it: playing games with other people over 3G can sometimes be difficult! 4G eliminates some of the lag with its lower latency, meaning data can get to and from your phone to the game’s server in much less time!

  3. Great for tethering: We’ve all had those train journeys where you just want to watch Netflix on your laptop, but the cost of train internet is damn-right infuriating. Now, say no to bad train internet by simply tethering your 4G phone to your laptop.

  4. Stream HD: Struggling to get more than a 480p stream on YouTube?!

  5. Download apps fast: Apps come in all shapes and sizes, but they can still take a while to download if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. With 4G, the process becomes painless.

If you’re currently an Asda Mobile customer and you’re happy on the 3G network then there’s no reason why you need to move to 4G as everything will stay the same for you. If you’re not yet an Asda Mobile customer provide us with your email address and we will send you an update as soon as we launch!

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