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Are we addicted to our Smartphones?

With Smartphones being in the pockets of 66% of UK adults it is no wonder that they are now a major part of our everyday lives. For many it is the first thing they check when they wake up and the last thing at night. People are obsessed with social media, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

An amazing 90% of 16-24 year olds are mobile phone owners, and it is obvious that mobile phones are now a norm in this day and age. Mobile phones can be used for almost anything, from browsing the internet, social media, sending emails, taking pictures, playing games, making notes… the list goes on. As well as the smartphone’s applications and features, they are also portable and practical. They can fit in our pockets, our jackets, our bags, and therefore give us the freedom to access these social worlds wherever we are.

It seems we are indeed addicted… but it’s ok seen as it’s just part of our daily routines, right? However, we could also benefit from allowing ourselves to part from communicating over social media and allow ourselves to communicate face-to-face.

Here are some quick ideas as to how you can reduce the time spent on your phone:

Set a phone free time slot.

By setting yourself even a minimum of an hour a day where you put your phone away you may find yourself having time for those little tasks that you might not have got round to.

Turn your phone on airplane mode.

Turn your phone on airplane mode at certain times in the day when using your phone is not essential, for example during family dinner, or when out for a meal. Using your phone when it is not needed will encourage more interaction with those physically around you.

On the way home from work why not try turn your phone off and observe the world around you. What can you see?

Swap your phone alarm for a physical digital alarm.

Instead of using your mobile to wake you up in a morning, use a digital clock, as this will stop you from checking your ‘notifications’ first thing in a morning.

Get a hobby

Getting a hobby is a great way to reduce addiction as it will keep you busy and occupied, and therefore you won’t be tempted to burn time on your phone.

Turn off unnecessary notifications.

If you turn off your notifications from apps such as Snapchat and Facebook, your phone will go off less often and the temptation to check will reduce.

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