Best apps for car lovers

Android apps for Car lovers

Perfect for children and adults alike, these apps are great for keeping you entertained and passing the time. Here are our top five driving apps to keep you amused when you’re not actually behind the wheel…

Real Driving 3D

Free in Google Play, Real Driving 3D gives you the chance to get behind the virtual wheel of some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world. With crystal clear graphics and some great finishing touches, this app gets a 4 star rating from users and a thumbs up from us.

Parking Simulator

Think you’re a parking pro? Why not try the virtual parking simulator. Harder than it looks, this fun app is a favourite with the younger generation as they try and emulate the grownups (and sometimes even beat them). With onscreen steering controls, brakes and accelerator pedal, Parking Simulator is seriously addictive!

Speed Roads 3D

A driving game you can play with friends, Speed Roads 3D is a lot of fun. A hill climb game that is set on mountain roads, this app allows you to drive your vehicle using on screen pedals and a tilting action to steer the car. With different conditions to drive in, Speed Roads 3D is a great app to challenge your friends and find out once and for all; who’s the best driver?

Bike Race Free A stunt based bike game, this app works using tilting motions to control your bike. Simple to understand and play, the game has a fun storyline and is based on physics; tilt too much and the bike might not make it round, just don’t forget it’s possible to under-tilt too! Bike Race Free is also a multiplayer game, so you can race against your friends too.

Theory Test UK Free 2015 DTS

Although this isn’t a driving game, this is a very handy tool for those of us learning to drive. Using questions and data from the DVSA, information and answers are provided as a fab “on the go” resource. Suitable for learner car drivers and motorcyclists in the UK and Northern Ireland, this is a great free app

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