Best free lifestyle apps for mobiles

Apps: Are they the answer to everything?

There's an app for that. A very common phrase these days, especially when you are looking to make a decision on what to cook for dinner or to find your local ATM machine. You may even hear it when you have misplaced your keys or car in the supermarket car park!

The reality is, apps are the answer to just about everything. One of the joys of having a smartphone is that it can become anything you want it to be. An app that tracks your keys, wallet, and eye glasses can be very helpful. So can an app that emulates a Magic 8-Ball that answers any question for you.

Typical types of apps that people talk about and use tend to be music, games and productivity apps like task managers and calendars. However, the range of apps goes way beyond these traditional choices. Regardless of your age, there is an app that can bring science, education, fitness, diet, banking, and social elements to your phone. Most smartphones today can double as an eBook reader or an interactive learning tool to entertain the little ones.

Initially, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of apps available. Don’t worry about downloading too many of them to your phone though, it's really simple to uninstall them, so don't be afraid to try out as many as you want, especially the free ones! When you go to download from the App Store if you’re using an iPhone, Google Play if it’s an Android or Windows Store on a Lumia, there are categories to narrow your search, which can then be filtered down further. For example, searching for kids’ apps can then be narrowed down to educational, story time and even by age range.

We’d recommend that you always look for the free apps first to save money – some of the best apps out there are free, and many companies offer a free version of a paid for app, if you don’t mind a few ads here or there!

One thing to remember: it is possible to load up your phone with so many apps that it actually slows down your phone’s performance and uses up a lot of its memory. If that happens, you might have to start being a bit more selective, and delete some of your lesser used apps.

Whether you want a casino game, an art gallery app, help with a course at school, a way to learn a new skill, or a coaching app to nudge you into a more active lifestyle, “There's an app for that”!

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