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App Spotlight: Health & Fitness Apps

Have you over eating through the winter months and doing less exercise because of the dark nights and cold days or overindulged over the Easter holidays? Now is the time to start eating healthy and improving ones fitness ready for the sunny summer days. With this in mind, we thought we would help you on your way and have listed some of our favourite health and fitness apps available on iOS and Android.

30 Day Ab Challenge Free by Vigour Apps

For men and women alike, this app has it all if you like to compete and challenge you! With step by steps tutorials this app is determined to work you hard to make sure that when you hit the beach in the summer, you will look amazing in your bikini! And for gents, look amazing in your speedos!

Pedometer by ITO Technologies

Recording the number of steps that you have walked within a given period; hour, day, week etc., this handy app is perfect for those that want to track how active they are and then improve on it. Not only does this app tell you how far you have walked, but it also calculates the calories burnt as well as an overall walking distance and time taken. Overall this is a really well made, comprehensive app that is perfect for those that want to know a little bit more about their daily lifestyle and exercising habits.

Relax Lite: Stress Relief by Saagara

This free app, which does have an upgradable paid for version, is designed to help you maintain a little Zen and cope with stressful moments better. With visual aids and musical cues, the app encourages you to focus on your breathing pattern as well as allowing you to customise your session according to how much time you have spare. In addition to this, you can track all of your historical activity. This is the perfect app to help you switch off.

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal Inc.

This popular app is designed to help those that want to track what they are eating in a visual way. By imputing into the app what you are eating, the app will work out how many calories you have consumed and what you have left for your daily allowance based on the data you put in at the start of registration. This app also allows you to sync your data with friends so you can work hard together and keep each other on track during your weight loss or healthy eating journey.

Sleep Better by Runtastic

This app is for those that would like to know more about their sleeping patterns. Tracking and logging the duration of your sleep, sleep cycles and any disturbances with the press of a button to get the app working, the data recorded is very comprehensive and interesting, especially for those that have trouble sleeping. With the aim of helping you to have a better understanding of your sleeping patterns and habits including light sleep, heavy sleep and time spent awake, this app is great to help make sure that you get the right amount of sleep needed for a healthy life.

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