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Announcing the #AsdaMobileDigitalDetox Winner

In April 2016, we contacted a number of lifestyle and mummy bloggers to see if they would be willing to give up their smartphone for one whole week and try our Digital Detox. They were all offered a basic Alcatel call and text mobile phone along with an Asda pay as you go sim card. There were some other rules of the challenge which you can read about in the full post here: Asda Mobile Digital Detox Challenge.

We were lucky enough to have 6 bloggers willing to take part in the challenge which required them to document their ordeal, the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. At the end of the challenge they could then share their experience with their readers and encourage them to part-take in a mini Digital Detox challenge for 24hrs.

What Was Up For Grabs

Along with having a break from a smartphone and going back to a simpler time of not updating your day-to-day life on social media, the bloggers were offered the opportunity to bag £100 Asda voucher to be used for anything in store. All they had to do was pass on the message of the Digital Detox, receive encouragement to follow through on the whole week challenge and inspire their followers to participate in the mini challenge .


Digital Detox Winner, Rock and Roll Pussycat blog banner

Catherine Culmer author of Rock and Roll Pussy Cat put her all in to completing the Digital Detox Challenge. She started off with a Pre-Challenge post detailing what she was going to have to give up and why she was doing it.

“It’ll be a massive shock to the system but will hopefully have a positive impact on me and my toddler.”

This post received 25 comments of luck and best wishes from her followers, some even talked about her bravery in giving up a “lifeline” for 7 days.

From an iPhone to a Alcatel function phone

The follow-up post was an aftermath the day to day pros and cons of the challenge. At the end of the blog post she and encouraged her readers to join in with the challenge.

Digital Detox back to basics - Alcatel phone, notepad and pen

“So… I won’t be getting rid of my smartphone BUT I will try and take more time out from it. I’ve enjoyed being cut off from social media and my emails but I’ve felt lost without things like maps and Google which I feel are necessities in this day and age. I felt I was able to appreciate quality time with the little man without worrying about my phone buzzing or replying to emails constantly during the day but I did miss being able to take photos as and when I wanted too. I think my happy medium would be a mobile that doesn’t have internet access but still has a camera function.”

You can read all about Cat’s week long challenge on her blog at: Asda’s Mobile Digital Detox challenge Aftermath.

Asda Mobile Thanks You

We haven’t forgotten about the other five bloggers that participated in the challenge and we hope that you got something out of taking part. Whether it was confirmation that you actually cannot survive without your smartphone or it was a realisation that maybe you should be turning your phone off for a couple of hours on an evening.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to take part!

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