A Day in the Life of a Connected Human

What does it mean to have a better, faster internet connection on your phone? Well, it helps you to be better connected. Here’s what the day in the life of a connected human could look like in just a few years:

Wake up You are woken by your phone’s alarm, which is connected to sensors that have been tracking your sleep for the last year. Your phone knows how much sleep is your optimal amount, so you wake up completely refreshed.

Your phone tells your coffee machine to start brewing your morning coffee, and your shower turns on automatically – it knows how hot you like it based on the thermostat temperature of your house!

Commute to work You leave the house on time and you arrive with just a minute to spare for the bus – your phone told you exactly when you needed to leave and found the optimal route taking into consideration cost of the journey, time and how busy the traffic would be that day. And of course, you pay with your phone.

Whist you’re on the road, you load up your favourite music app and you listen to your recommended playlist: an amalgamation of your friends’ recommendations, and songs similar to those you have already listened to and enjoy. Your commute flies by.

Start working You get to work and your tasks for your day have been organised by your phone’s AI assistant (Cortana or maybe Siri). Your tasks are extracted directly from emails or voice memos your colleagues have sent you, and from shared projects that you’re collaborating on through your cloud-based project management system.

Today you’re working remotely because you need to be at a meeting across town, so you get on video chat with your team and have your daily 10-minute stand-up to make sure everyone’s organised.

Evening entertainment Work’s over so you head home. It’s been a busy, productive day and you don’t want to spend time cooking, so you treat yourself to sushi from a fantastic new restaurant by ordering straight from a fresh delivery service. All restaurants now offer a monthly service so you don’t have to pay. Next, you VR video call your mum by connecting your phone to your VR headset - it’s like she’s in the room with you!

Powered by your phone, you play a couple of games with your friends through VR, and then you end the night watching the series you’re watching on Netflix, which you stream from your phone remotely to your TV. While you watch, you set your phone’s AI to work, helping you plan for the next morning. Your phone works through any unread emails and you tell it the answers. You plan the meetings you’re going to attend, and those you’d prefer to skip. While you do this, your lights have been turning down, and your phone’s screen has dimmed - apparently it’s time to go to sleep.

Finally, you get ready for bed, read your health analytics for the day from your remote doctor in your phone, who tells you to cut down a little on sugar, and then you go to sleep. Your phone sets your alarm automatically for the next day based on when you fall asleep.

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