5 Ways Your Phone Will Support You in Your Pregnancy

At Asda Mobile, we know that there’s an app for everything these days, and pregnancy is no exception. So, if you’ve just found out you are expecting, first off, congratulations; second, here are some of the best apps on the market to give you that extra bit of support you may need.

  1. BabyBump This app tracks your pregnancy daily with great illustrations, facts and more about your baby. It also tracks your personal health and nutrition, meaning it’s easy to see where you can make improvements that will benefit you and your baby. You can also store your lists and appointments, making this a good, free pregnancy app.

  2. iPregnant Like BabyBump, this app gives you all the stats, tricks and advice you need, as well as space to put all of your appointments. The difference here is the in-app online community forum, which gives you an additional safe space to discuss with other mums-to-be.

  3. Happy Pregnancy Ticker Like iPregnant, Happy Pregnancy Ticker gives you a great online community in which to chat about your baby hopes and concerns. However, here, the main focus is on your weekly weight gain, as well as giving you the ability to track your contractions. If you’re still trying to conceive, try the app’s handy ovulation planner! Did we mention that this is free?

  4. m Pregnancy This is a great app if you have a hard time getting your partner to put in the time to read through pregnancy books. This app builds in all of the functionality in the apps mentioned above, but for the partner of the pregnant person. Particularly useful sections are the guides, which show you what your partner can and can’t eat.

  5. Sprout Pregnancy Voted as Apple’s essential pregnancy app for parents, with this app, you have your very own pregnancy timeline that can be personalised with a due date countdown and customizable info on your baby’s kicks. Pretty cool.

So there you have it: our favourite apps for expecting parents. If your phone is a little lacking on the data side of things, check out our great SIM-only bundles.

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