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5 Apps to Help You Ace Your Exams

January means back to school, and ‘back to school’ means exams. While some might think that your phone is a distraction during the dreaded revision period, here at Asda Mobile we understand that phones are an essential part of everyday life. So, here are 5 fantastic apps to help you ace your exams. Let your phone be a help, not a hindrance.

1. Go Conqr

This is a great app designed to help you learn for free using custom flash cards, revision timetables and study guides. As a social platform, Go Conqr allows you to connect with your classmates or others around the world learning your subject.

2. Class Timetable

While many university or school timetables are still on paper, or are only available on old-fashioned intranets (eughhh), this clean, cool timetable app helps you to see exactly what’s on from day to day. Important when you’re working to a busy revision schedule.

3. EasyBib

This is a complete lifesaver. Everybody who’s ever had to write an essay with pages of references in the bibliography will know how much of a pain producing one in the correct style can be. But with EasyBib, all you need to do is take a photo of the text’s barcode or write in the title, choose the correct style and you’ll have a good-looking bibliography in no time. Top tip: this is a great guide but make sure you check them against your universities chosen reference tool before you submit!

4. Lecture Capture

Many universities record their own lectures as a matter of principle, but you can make the recording part of the learning experience by using an app like Lecture Capture. Record your teacher’s voice, take photos of their presentations and add them – along with notes – to your recording to make a fantastic multimedia revision tool.

5. Rockin Ramen

The student lifestyle can be self-destructive. Make sure you’re feeding yourself properly while you work towards your exam deadlines. This fantastic app will give you plenty of tasty, quick and easy food inspiration suggestions.

So, don’t procrastinate. To revise smarter apply one of our fantastic bundles.

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