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30 Day Bundles in France

Going abroad to France this summer? Hesitant to take your phone with you? What if we told you, you no longer have to be afraid to put away your mobile phone this holiday with Asda’s 30 Day Bundles in France offer. “Yeah right” we hear you say. With the holiday season fast approaching, from the 1st June to the 31st August 2016 you can add a bundle to your sim card as normal, and use your phone in France exactly as you would in the UK, at no extra cost!

In the 21st Century our mobile phones are so much part of our every day lives, from calling to texting and updating our social status, it would be hard for many of us to let go of our handheld devices.

In brief terms, when you use your mobile abroad, you leave your home mobile network, and use another network within the country you have visited. This process is called roaming, which typically charges you much more than the standard charges for calls, texts and data. Mobile data is what you use when you check your email, visit social networks, or any applications that require being connected to the Internet when you aren’t using WI-FI. Consumers have been vulnerable to unwanted charges since the smartphone market exploded and mobile data consumption increased.

30 Day Bundles In France

When you are abroad, separated from your loved ones at home it is to no surprise that you want to log into Facebook to check up on your friends and family, but with the fear of returning to an unexpected phone bill many people turn off their data all together. A recent survey carried out by Asda Mobile shows that 87% of phone users don’t use their phone in the same way as they do at home. This is due to 100% of respondents’ main fear being the cost, with one respondent stating, “I try to reduce how much I use because of how expensive it is”. Here at Asda we think that it is a shame that many people feel like they can’t share and upload pictures of their holiday memories onto Facebook, as well as “cutting down” on their phone calls to avoid getting charged too much. This is why we think the 30 Day Bundles are great, as you have the freedom to call UK mobiles back in the UK or in France and landlines within your bundle allowance.

It is evident within the survey that the main use of our phones abroad are to make calls and texts, check emails and social media. Other common uses include using search engines to find places to visit and GPS to avoid getting lost, however most holidaymakers aren’t making the most of their phones abroad. Having Google Maps open for an average trip could cost around £90, but the only way to completely avoid the charges is to turn your phone on airplane mode for the duration of the holiday, and quite frankly why would you want to cut off contact completely?

There are some hidden features on smartphones that add to the cost of using your phone, so here are some little tips to avoid using extra data, even whilst on the 30 Day Bundle.

  • Use Wi-Fi when possible to avoid using too much of your own data.
  • Download apps to your phone that you think you may need before you
    travel abroad.
  • Turn off push notifications for social media, emails, weather, and games, as these download automatically without you opening the app and consequently add to your data usage without you knowing.

We have all heard the horror stories, commonly known as “bill shock” stories of people getting home to eye watering bills that cost more than the holiday itself. This is commonly caused by customers being unclear about charges, using the Internet to stream their favourite TV programmes and constantly upload pictures on to social media. Due to these stories the general public now worry to return home in fear of their memories of the holiday being destroyed by a large bill.

Interviewee Brittany Bateman, 19, Bradford, was charged £450.67 after travelling abroad and was in “total shock” to return to an unexpected bill. Despite turning off her mobile data, which blocks data usage she was unaware that she had to pay for calls and texts.

“I used approximately 20 texts per day, including both sending and receiving texts, and I made 1 phone call lasting around 5 minutes to a family member on an evening”. Brittany’s story demonstrates how being unclear can be devastating, and warns us to be aware of the risks.

30 Day Bundles In France

Asda Mobile’s recent survey shows that many people feel unclear about the costs and charges and feel they would benefit from the ability to use their phones abroad at the same rate as in the UK. Although roaming charges have been reducing every year since 2007, the majority of survey respondents still feel like “providers shouldn’t be able to charge unreasonable levels of charges”.

Despite the recent cap on charges to use your phone abroad within the European Union, people may still face unpleasant charges. Phone operators can still charge holidaymakers up to 19 cents (14 pence) per minute for outgoing calls, 5 cents for incoming calls, 6 cents per text message and 20 cents per megabyte of data on top of normal tariff. Even under the cap the survey shows that 82% of respondents think mobile networks charge “way too much” and providers should “stop money grabbing”.

At Asda we don’t want you to fear taking your mobile phone abroad; instead we encourage it! The 21st century offers many wonders and possibilities, with mobile phones being one of them and we think it is a great way to contact those we love, even over far distances.

Even if you are planning on putting your phone away this holiday, it is good to have the reassurance you can use your phone as normal with the 30 Day Bundles in France offer. The special offer can put your mind at rest knowing you have the freedom to make calls, send texts, or check in on your friends on Facebook, without the fear of that dreaded bill waiting for you at home.

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