How do I transfer my number to Asda Mobile?

It’s easy to transfer your number to Asda Mobile. Once we've delivered your new SIM here's what you need to do:

Request your PAC code – The simplest way is to text 'PAC' to 65075 (free of charge) and you’ll be sent it via SMS with full details of any remaining credit or account charges. Alternatively call your current/previous mobile provider and ask for a PAC code. As long as the number is still active, they will be able to provide you with your PAC code which is valid for 30 days.

Activate your new SIM - Simply put your new SIM into your phone.

- You can use our online account to transfer your number across to Asda mobile. Simply log in or register here, go to ‘My profile’ and scroll down to ‘transferring your number’. You’ll need to have your PAC code ready from your previous network to do this.

- Or you can call 2732 to register your account and request your existing number is ported across from your previous network. Remember to have your temporary number that came with the new SIM card and PAC code to hand.

If you submit the transfer request before 5.00pm Monday to Friday, then your number will be transferred the next working day. Please note that we don't transfer numbers at the weekend or on bank holidays. This transfer will happen between 05.00 and midnight and on the day of transfer you will lose signal on your old SIM card.

You may experience intermittent service on your new SIM card for a few hours after your number transfers over. This can include a period of time where you can receive calls and texts but cannot make calls, send texts or use data. This is normal and is usually resolved within a few hours, but can take up to 24 hours. Keep turning your phone off and on if you do experience any service problems that last longer than a few hours after you insert your new SIM card. 

Please note, we can only port a number over if you're within the UK on the day of the number transfer and we can't transfer numbers over the weekend or bank holidays. 

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