I only use my phone in emergencies and now it won't work. How do I reactivate it?

You must make a chargeable call or text every 180 days to keep your number fully active. If you haven't used your SIM in the last 180 days, your calls will be forwarded to our automated service which means you won't be able to call anyone, however you will still be able to receive inbound calls. 


- To reactivate your SIM, you will need to call us on 0808 006 2732 from any phone.

- If you haven't used your Asda Mobile SIM in the last 270 days, all activity will be barred from your SIM card and all credit will be removed. 

- After 270 days, your number will be disconnected from the network and the number will be deleted. We're unable to reactivate a SIM if the number has not been used for over 270 days. If this has happened, order a SIM for free click here or you can pick one up in store for 50p.

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