How do I top-up?

You can top-up in several different ways:

- Top-up by using your free online account! Simply register or log in to your account and click 'top up' on your overview page. You will be asked how much you want to top up, and to add new payment card which can be saved for the next time you top up. You can also set up automatic top-ups when your balance reaches a desired amount, all from the same place! If you're having trouble, double check that your phone number is linked to your account by clicking 'link number to my account' from the navigation menu. 

- Top-up card – You can order a top-up card for free here, and you load your balance at the checkout in one of our stores or any other store that displays a top-up logo. After topping, up you can then use our standard rate or purchase bundles.

- Debit / credit card - Call 2732 from your Asda mobile to register your credit or debit card details to top-up over the phone. 

  Please do not purchase a Vodafone top-up voucher, as these will not work on our network. 

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