How do I top-up?

We have recently updated the ways you can top-up on Asda mobile. You can top-up in a number of different ways:

Top-up Voucher - You can buy these at a checkout or at the kiosk in one of our stores or any store that displays a top-up logo.

Top-up card – You get one of these in your SIM pack and you load a top-up card at the checkout in one of our stores or any store that displays a top-up logo. If you didn't receive a top-up card with your SIM and you would like to order one, you can get one for free by clicking here.

Debit / credit card - Register your credit / debit card details to top-up over the phone by calling 2732 from your Asda mobile. Once your card is registered call 2732 and select option 1, option 1 and then option 1 to top-up via our automated service.

Text Message - You will need to call us first on 2732 to register your credit/debit card. From then on, just text TOPUP#amount# and then the last 4 digits of your credit/debit card, followed by # and your CCV code to 2732. E.g. TOPUP#10#1234#999. The CVV code is the last three digits in the signature strip on the back of your bank card.


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