Why does my balance go down after I’ve topped up, even though I haven’t used my phone?


- Due to the way our systems work when using data, we will reserve up to 50MB of data per data session.

- This will mean that your account balance may appear higher than you actually have to use as the reserved data is held for up to 6 hours following the last data session.


- If you have a balance of £2.50 and start a data session we will reserve 50MB of data (equivalent of £2 of charges), if you use 1MB of data you will be charged 4p and your balance will show as £2.46, however until the reserved data is released you will only have 50p to use on calls and texts.

- If you continue to use more data we will use the remainder of the reserved data until this is used up and will again reserve up to 50MB of data.

- If your account has less than £2 available, we will reserve only the amount available. For example, if you have 50p left, we will reserve that amount. You will not be able to make calls or send SMS if the full remaining balance is released.

- The easiest way to release an ongoing data session is to put your phone in an airplane mode for a few seconds.

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