How do I move to your new network?


Our old EE network began to close on 15th September 2021, and if you're still using our old network you will no longer be able to make outbound calls, texts or use data. 

But don't worry! You still have time to move to our new network and keep your current number.

To start, create or login to your free online account. Once logged in, you can order your brand new SIM pack from your overview page.


Once you’ve received your new SIM pack, you will need to log back in to your online account. You will be prompted to start the process at the top of your overview page.

You will be asked to schedule a port-in start date. The port-in will happen on the next working day after your scheduled date which doesn't include weekends for bank holidays and this is when you swap your SIM card. For example, if you schedule your start date for a Friday, you won't be able to swap your SIM until the following Monday. 

For more information about our old network - visit our old network page.

If you’ve joined Asda mobile since 22nd March 2021, you would’ve already joined our new network and there is no action to take.


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