What is 4G and is it available on Asda Mobile?

4G stands for the 4th generation of mobile technology. A 4G connection will give improved speed when you access the web. This means that pages will load faster, and videos will need less buffering. This is also referred to as LTE (long-term evolution). This is the standard for high speed wireless communications.

4G is available for all our customers. All you need is a 4G enabled Asda Mobile SIM, a 4G compatible phone and to be in a 4G covered area.

- Will I use more data on 4G - Switching to 4G won't use any more data. It is worth noting that everything you do online will happen quicker so you may end up spending more time browsing and streaming, which may use more data.

- What coverage will I get - To check the 4G coverage in your area or any other location click here.

- What 4G speed will I get - We offer our customers 4G speeds up to 60mbps for downloads and up to 30mbps for uploads covering 99% of the UK population.

- Does 4G cost any extra - Using 4G will not cost you anymore. 4G is included in all our price plans, whether you buy a bundle or use our standard tariff

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