What do I do if my new SIM doesn’t work in my handset?

Asda mobile phones bought from one of our stores are all be unlocked. If you didn't buy your handset from Asda and the SIM doesn't work, it could be that your phone is locked to a different network. To find out if it is, pop your new Asda SIM into your phone & check for a network connection. If it's locked, it will usually ask for a code or a 'network key' before you get to your home screen, or show 'no network', or 'emergency calls only'. If your handset is locked you will just need to speak to your current provider and they will be able to give you an unlocking code. Just so you know, there may be a small charge for this. If you're looking for a new handset, you can check the handsets we have available in your local store.

If your phone is unlocked and your SIM card is still not working call us on 0800 079 2732 and we will send you a replacement SIM card free of charge.

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