What is "Next Generation Text Relay Service" and how do I use it?

Next Generation Text Relay Service (NGTS) is a service available on Asda Mobile that allows people with speaking or hearing difficulties to communicate over the phone. NGTS works in a few different ways.

- Type & Read- A person can enter text and this will be received as text in real time.

- Speak & Read- A person can speak down the phone and this will be converted to text for the recipient to read.

- Type & Hear- A person can enter text which will be relayed to the recipient as speech.

- Speak & hear- A person who has some difficulty speaking and hearing can have what they are saying and hearing relayed by a third party.

- NGTS can be used with a text phone or with the NGTS Lite app. The app is available for tablets and smartphones. For more information on which devices you can use to run the app click here.

To make a call using the NGTS service, you need to enter a prefix before the number you want to call.

- 18002– used when making a call using the Speak & Hear service.

- 18000– used to contact the emergency services instead of 999.

- Calls via the 18000 and 18001 numbers are free.

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