How can I change my recurring bundle?

Joined Asda mobile before March 2021

You'll need to stop your current bundle from recurring.

  • Text 'STOPAUTO' to 2732 (free of charge).

Once your current bundle has expired make sure you have enough credit to buy your next bundle.

  • Text 'AUTO' and the number of the bundle to 2732 (free of charge). E.g. If you have a £10 bundle text ‘AUTO10’.

Or call us on 2732 from your Asda Mobile or 0800 079 2732 from any other phone (free of charge).

To manage your account completely online, visit our new network hub and move over to our new network today.

Joined the new Asda mobile after March 2021

As we now offer unlimited minutes and texts with our new bundles you will only ever need to purchase additional data,

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