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Data SIM plans for everyone

Looking for the perfect data SIM to use on the go? Whether it's for your laptop, Wi-Fi dongle, or tablet, our data SIMs will keep you online and connected.

Our plans start from as little as £5 a month, and with no contracts you're never locked down for longer than you need.

Why Asda mobile?

No contracts

You're not tied down with us! All of our SIM deals last for one calendar month.

5G speeds

Lightning fast data speeds are here. Grab a 5G data SIM from £10 a month.

UK-wide coverage

Our network is powered by Vodafone with up to 99% UK population coverage.

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Where can you get 5G?

Our 5G currently covers 100 UK towns and cities, including:









Take a look at the table below and see if it's available to you! Alternatively, try our coverage checker.

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Superfast 5G roaming is now here!

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Superfast 5G roaming is now here!

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Unlimited Data Bundles

£20 Unlimited

Speed capped at 2 Mbps

Great for casual users

Using social media

Sending and receiving messages

Browsing the internet

£25 Unlimited

Speed capped at 10 Mbps

Great for media consumers

Everything our £20 bundle can do, plus...

Streaming videos

Listening to music, podcasts and radio

Downloading and updating software

£30 Unlimited

No speed cap (up to 150 Mbps)

Great for online gamers & film lovers

Everything our £25 bundle can do, plus...

Streaming live HD video

Playing games online

Downloading large files

Taking part in video conferences

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Frequently Asked Questions

A data only SIM is a SIM card plan that only comes with a monthly mobile data allowance. They don’t include minutes or texts. They are usually used on portable devices that you wouldn’t need to call or text from. Examples include laptops, Wi-Fi dongles, iPads, and tablets. Our data SIMs are not strictly data only SIMs, as they come with unlimited texts and data as standard.

No, data only SIMs are not any faster than SIMs that include minutes and texts. Data speed depends on the network and plan you are on, as well as your location.

This entirely depends on the device you are using the SIM with. You will still have a phone number, but the device needs to be able to interpret the SMS texts and calls you receive.