International Calling

Important information for 2020

ASDA no longer offers this call time service and customers will be unable to top up cards in ASDA stores. Your service will continue with Boss Revolution and any remaining credit will be transferred as long as your number is registered.

To top up your card through Boss Revolution, you can either:

  • Download the Boss Revolution app (subject to your handset's app store)

  • Visit and top up using your credit card, debit card or e-pin (e-pins can be purchased form any pay point store)

  • Call 0330 777 1568 from the phone you’ll be making the calls from, press 1 and top up using your credit or debit card

To make a call once you've topped up, dial 0330 777 1568, then dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number then press #

For further information, please call Boss Revolution on 0330 777 1804.