International Calling

No fees. No expiry. No contract.

What is ASDA Calltime?

Asda call time is an international calling service, powered by Boss Revolution that provides you with a simple way to call international destinations. All you have to do is call the access number from your landline or mobile and your number will be registered so you don’t need to enter a PIN each time you call.

arrow_drop_down No more dialling pins

All you have to do is dial our access number 0330 777 1568* and your phone number will be automatically registered so you don’t need to enter a PIN every time you call. You can share your balance with up to 10 phone numbers, landlines or mobiles, so you can share your credit with family or friends. To add more numbers call Customer Services on 0330 777 1804.

arrow_drop_down Any phone or network

Use Asda call time from anywhere you wish whether it be home or mobile without swapping SIMs. This service does not work from a payphone.

arrow_drop_down No hidden fees or charges

There are no tricks with Asda call time. You don't have to worry about any hidden fees! The rate you see is the rate you will get.

arrow_drop_down No more expiration

You don’t need to worry about losing your credit anymore; your minutes and credit never expire with Asda call time.

How to get started


Pick up an ASDA Calltime card in-store.


Top-up at the till with £5, £10 or £20.


Scratch off the panel on the reverse of your card to reveal your top-up code.


Immediately press 2 and enter your top-up code to receive confirmation of your balance.


To start making calls dial 0330 777 1568, then dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number + # (0800 access number available from a landline only: 0800 008 7546*) 0800 number will incur a 1.5p per minute surcharge to the advertised call rates.


Our rates to mobile phones and landlines are incredibly low and have no fees or hidden charges. Use our rates calculator below, just enter your country and see how we can save with Asda call time.


  • What is ASDA call time? arrow_drop_down
    ASDA call time is a simple & easy pre-paid telephone service that allows you to call family and friends in other countries at low rates.
  • How do I register? arrow_drop_down
    Please decide which telephone number you wish to use the service with, it can be a landline or mobile. Using the telephone number you have chosen, please dial 0330 777 1568. Our system will then register your number and you will hear a confirmation message informing you your balance is 50p. At the end of the message, you will be asked if you want to make a call. If you don’t wish to at this point, you can hang up. Shortly after registering, you will receive an automated call back from our system to provide you with a 4 digit code if you registered a landline telephone number. If you registered a mobile, you will receive your 4 digit code by text message. Please make sure you keep this code in a safe place as you will need this to make any changes to your account. If you want to change this at any point to something more memorable to you, you can do this by calling our Customer Service Team on 0330 777 1804. Just so you know, you can add extra telephone numbers onto your account by calling our Customer Service Team, 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday, on 0330 777 1804. Please don’t register another number the same way you have your first number as this will lead you to having two accounts.
  • How do I top up? arrow_drop_down
    You can pick up an ASDA call time top up card in your local store and use this to top up at any till in store, or you can top up by calling our Customer Service Team, 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday, on 0330 777 1804.
  • How do I link my number to the ASDA call time top up card? arrow_drop_down
    You will need to call us on 0330 777 1568, and press *2, you will then be asked for your voucher PIN, please enter the top up that is displayed on the back of the card. Once you have done this, your card will be automatically linked to your account.
  • Do I need an Asda Calltime Card? arrow_drop_down
    No, you don’t need a card to use our service. Simply dial 0330 777 1568 using the phone you will be making international calls from, press 1 and you can top-up your account using a credit or debit card. To make a call once you have topped up dial 0330 777 1568, then dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number then then press #’
  • How do I make calls with ASDA call time? arrow_drop_down
    Once you’re registered and topped up, you can make calls by dialling the access number, 0330 777 1568 and following the automated instructions. You can view them here(link to how to use asda call time section) If you need any help, please call our Customer Service Team on 0330 777 1804. Will I be charged for calling the access number? The access number is 0330 777 1568 and this is charged at a local rate, just like 01 & 02 numbers. If you receive free minutes on your mobile or landline, the 0330 access number is likely to included in these. For further information please check with your telephone service provider.
  • Can I register more than one number to the same account? arrow_drop_down
    Yes! You can use the call time service from any UK landline or mobile telephone number. You can add up to 10 numbers to the same account, so you can share your credit with friends and family. To add more numbers please call our Customer Service Team, 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday, on 0330 777 1804.
  • How can I check call details? arrow_drop_down
    By contacting customer services
  • I’m having issues making a call, what can I do? arrow_drop_down
    Please call our Customer Service Team, 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday, on 0330 777 1804 and they’ll be happy to help.
  • Are there any hidden costs or service charges? arrow_drop_down
    There are no hidden costs with the Asda call time service.
  • Does the service expire if I’m not a regular user? arrow_drop_down
    No, your account will not expire.
  • Can I use a foreign telephone number to register for the service? arrow_drop_down
    We’re sorry, the Asda call time service can only be used with a UK based telephone number.
  • Where can I find your call rates? arrow_drop_down
    The rates can be found by clicking here. You will also find some information on our in store leaflets.
  • Do I need to enable international calling on my phone to use ASDA call time? arrow_drop_down
    No, the only phone service you need is national calling within the UK.
  • I forgot my security code. What should I do? arrow_drop_down
    If you’ve forgot your security code, please contact our Customer Service Team who will resend it to you via text or email.
  • Are there any dialling shortcuts? arrow_drop_down
    After making a call, you can press ### to make another call without hanging up. You can also dial *7 to hear your registered phone number. You can set up speed dial for your most frequently dialled numbers.
  • Can I still transfer my credit from your old service to your new one? arrow_drop_down
    We can arrange this for you. Please pick up a new Asda call time card at your local Asda store and call us on 0330 777 1804 once you’ve followed the registration instructions on the card. Our Customer Service Team are available from 8am to 6pm every day.

Contact us

We are always here to help. If you are having problems with setting up your card or your account you can contact us using the information below: