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  • Frequently asked questions
    • arrow_drop_down Do I need a new SIM?

      To take advantage of our 4G service your SIM needs to be 4G enabled, use our SIM checker to see if you have the right SIM.

    • arrow_drop_down What do I need to get 4G?

      All you need is a 4G enabled Asda Mobile SIM, a 4G compatible phone and to be in a 4G covered area.

    • arrow_drop_down Can I use Wi-Fi Calling?

      Unfortunately, we don't currently offer Wi-Fi calling.

    • arrow_drop_down Do I need 4G?

      4G may not be for you, but if you use your phone to access the internet 4G will allow you to load pages and download emails quicker than 3G. If you do not use your phone to access the internet, your phone will continue to work as normal on our 2G and 3G network.

    • arrow_drop_down What is 4G?

      4G stands for the 4th generation of mobile technology. A 4G connection will give improved speed when you access the web. This means that pages will load faster and videos will need less buffering. This is also referred to as LTE (long-term evolution). This is the standard for high speed wireless communications.

    • arrow_drop_down How does 4G compare to 3G?

      The main difference between 3G and 4G is speed. 4G is usually 5 times faster than 3G.

    • arrow_drop_down Can I get 4G?

      We are offering 4G to all our customers at no extra cost however you will need to check whether your SIM and handset are 4G enabled as well as checking the 4G coverage in your area.

    • arrow_drop_down What coverage will I get?

      We are proud to use the EE network, the UK’s biggest network so you know you’ll get a great signal wherever you are. We now cover 75% of UK landmass and 99% of the population with 4G. You can check your area using our Coverage Checker.

    • arrow_drop_down How do I set up my new 4G sim once it arrives?

      If you’re a current customer then all you need to do is put your new sim in your handset and call 2732 to speak to one of our agents. They will then enable your SIM for 4G and switch your number across.

    • arrow_drop_down Does 4G cost any extra?

      No, 4G is included in all of our plans, whether you buy a bundle or use our standard tariff.

    • arrow_drop_down Will I use more data on 4G?

      Switching to 4G won't use any more data. It is worth noting that everything you do online will happen quicker so you may end up spending more time browsing and streaming, which may use more data.

    • arrow_drop_down I don't have a 4G phone will my phone still work?

      Yes, your phone will automatically connect to our 2G and 3G network, and work just as normal.